The name of this ministry began as “inspire to”, and was prayerfully chosen to reflect the mission of the ministry. In other words, as I was inspired by Jesus to be the woman He purposed me to be in every way (a daily struggle, after surrendering my life to Him!), I wanted to inspire other women to find that same inspiration and peace. As a woman and sister-in-Christ and as part of a circle of women, we can “inspire to” be active, be awakened, be social, be it all!

Then after often and much reflection, and watching all of you ladies interact and pray during our most recent Women’s Retreat back in November 2019, I began to believe that God put on my heart to re-think (maybe more like refine?) the name of this ministry instead to “Inspired Sisters”. After all, it’s not one sister inspiring another, but all of us as sisters inspiring each other as sisters together. And so, I want to reflect that in name.

Thanks so much for your participation in being a sister in Christ, and one who inspires!

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