There are 19 ladies accounted for so far … will you be joining us too? If you’ve already sent your registration and payment via snail-mail, no worries, but if you haven’t yet sent it, Marie will be at church on Sunday to attend the 11:15 service. If you will be there earlier but would like to get your info and payment to Marie, just text her at 610-587-2136 to make arrangements.

If you’ve been on the fence, I hope that you will be praying about it. It’s a great time to get together with other ladies, especially with things being what they are since Covid. We’ll be working on the “Godmothers: Why You Need One, How To Be One” study by Lisa Bevere. It’s not what you might think – while there are Godmothers such as of a young child in your family or church family, or the fairy tale kind, but instead that we as women are God-Mothers to and for each other. It’s a topic that can be met at any and every stage of womanhood. We are excited about it!

So drop an email to or text me at 610-587-2136 to let me know that you’re interested and coming (if you haven’t already) that you’re coming, or if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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