Interested in a LifeWay Womens Simulcast “Pink Impact”-Type Event?

Have I got your attention? Great!! However, it’s not really “Pink Impact”, but what it is is a simulcast event with women and worship offered by LifeWay.

Your next question might be, “But who is speaking/teaching?” Well, how about Lisa Harper? If you aren’t familiar with her, check her out here during at talk at Elevation Church. She will have your stomach aching from laughter and your heart full with the love of Christ.

So here are the details: the simulcast already ran live on April 17th, but we will replay a stream on 12th. It would be a mostly all-day type event (for example, something like 9:00am – 6:00pm). In the past, Inspired Sisters & Zion’s Church have offered these events for a ticket price between $5 and $30. Generally that would cover meals and costs associated with purchasing and planning the event. It’s safe to say that if there will be a ticket price, it will stay within that range. Keep your eye on the facebook page for more details forthcoming.

Visit to preview a highlight-video of the event as well as speakers and their bios.

I am blessed and honored for the opportunity to offer and plan this event to share with you and grow our faith in Jesus. That said, I would REALLY appreciate your commitment if you are interested in attending. Please let me know by either replying to this email or on Facebook. I’d like to have at least 10 ladies commit, but there is certainly room for many times more than that! 😉 And the event would of course be open to women outside of Zion’s Church as well. Regarding Covid, there may be some guidelines at the Journey Cafe, but if we wind up to be a smaller group, it may be better to host at another appropriate venue.

Hope you’re excited! Let me know!