Ski & Snowboard Trip to Blue Mountain: Friday, February 10, 2023

Let’s pray for the best on Friday, February 10th when we head over to Blue Mountain in Palmerton.

As mentioned before, the trip is open to all women, spouses, partners, kids, non-Zions members, and friends.

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FAQ #1 • Are we going all day?

That’s up to you. Some are planning to head over around noon currently, but some may head over earlier. Once we have everyone’s name who will be participating, we’ll come up with a plan – those going for the day can carpool, and those only going for an afternoon or evening can do the same. Just make sure you RSVP so we know to keep you in the planning loop.

FAQ #2 • Where is Blue Mountain, and how far away is it?

Blue Mountain is located in Palmerton, PA, about a 1/2 hour past the Whitehall Shopping Area. From Hamburg, it’s about 55 minutes away.

FAQ #3 • How much will it be?

If you have your own season pass, then it will only cost you what you will purchase for lunch and if you choose to donate towards gas for whoever you ride with there. If you don’t have a season pass but do have your own equipment, an 8-hour lift ticket will be $75.00 per person. If you also need rentals, that runs around an additional estimated $50.00. If you are planning to attend, YOU SHOULD PURCHASE YOUR LIFT TICKET IMMEDIATELY after you RSVP, if you haven’t already, and before the price goes up and/or they are sold-out for that day. Ever since Covid, ski areas generally release a specific amount of tickets for each day at one price. Once they have all been pre-purchased, they will either stop selling for that day or release more tickets at a higher price. The days are gone when you can just show up at guest services and purchase a lift ticket, so make sure you go right to their website and purchase your lift tickets today.

FAQ #4 • Can I go and just sit in the lodge?

Yes, but you still should RSVP so we know you’re planning to join us! You cannot be on the snow, but you are welcome to hang out in the Valley Lodge at the bottom of Blue Mountain Ski area or the Summit Lodge at the top of the mountain. Both locations have indoor seating areas and outdoor areas with Adirondack chairs surrounding small fire pits, and both locations have restaurants, quick-order grills, and rest-rooms. You are also welcome to bring your own food and refreshments.

FAQ #5 • I’ve never done this before, can I take a lesson?

Certainly. Check out Blue Mountain’s website, for all the lesson options and details.

FAQ #6 • Should I plan to eat there or bring my own food?

Your choice! There are places to purchase food as well as other areas designated for guests who bring their own. And if the weather is good, you can even eat outdoors.

FAQ #7 • Will we all be together the entire time?

Probably not. Tubers are on one area of the mountain, as are group lessons. Each of us going might be at different skill levels, but we can coordinate mealtimes for sharing and group-time!

I’d like to chat about it some more, can I text you?

Sure – 610-587-2136 (Marie).

If this sounds like what you’ve been waiting for, then please join us by signing-up here, and you’ll receive email notifications with more info as we get closer to the date.

For those who would like to come but have never skied or snowboarded, Blue Mountain does offer Snowtubing at $46 a ticket for 2-hours, with additional 1-hour increments for an additional $20 each. The snowtubing area can be seen from the slopes and is accessible at the Valley Lodge located at the bottom of Blue Mountain, but is generally separate from the skiing area.

Hope you are super-excited to join us.

Email Marie Perry at or text for questions.

♥ Marie