Outreach - Recap

RECAP: March for Life, Washington DC 2023

For the past two years that I’ve known her, a woman named Helen blesses people by inviting them on a luxury bus trip to the annual National March for Life in Washington, DC. She organizes the event on behalf of her church, the Church of St. Benedict in Mohnton, PA., who kindly pays the bus fee. I don’t know how many years she has organized and offered this, but she has likely blessed so many more people than she knows of.

This year was exciting – it was the first “Pro-Roe” March, taking place after the long-awaited overturning of Roe v. Wade in June of 2022. At the Rally in the National Mall prior to the start of the march itself, there were guest speakers like Jonathan Roumie, who plays “Jesus” in the series, “The Chosen”, as well as may other such as lawmakers like Steve Scalise and Chris Smith, and even Franklin Graham himself. These guests each contributed something different, but all expressed their gratitude for new direction the pro-life movement. Yes there are challenges ahead for sure, but the Lord’s mercies are new, and that brings many opportunities for changed hearts and needed healing.

This was my second time attending, and again my heart is moved with even more compassion. At the March for Life, a beautiful image of Christ is painted in hearing the stories of women coming alongside other women with the hearts of servants and the desires to share each other’s burdens. Stories of women walking with other women, leading by example to display the love and mercy of Christ. How blessed are we to be called daughters of the King! Pray with me that God will continue to open doors of opportunity for our Inspired Sisters Women’s Ministry – not just with our own Katie Bailey leading Surrendering the Secret healing classes for women who’ve been broken in the past by abortion, but also in changing hearts and sharing His love to bring an end to abortion as well.

In looking forward, the National March for Life is in the process of continuing Marches throughout the year at the state level. Last year a few ladies from Zion’s were able to attend the one in Harrisburg. If you think you would like to join us, we will again be planning to participate in the March for Life in Harrisburg on October 16th, so save the date.


 ♥ Marie