ASBURY REVIVAL: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6

asbury revival 2023

Have you heard about the Revival that started in Kentucky at Asbury University? It’s been more than week now and it’s still going past 133 hours. There are buses of pastors and students from other colleges arriving at Asbury from other universities, and, there are others even outside of Kentucky beginning to share in this revival too. If you follow any well- or semi-well-known bible teachers and worship leaders on social media, you’ll see many of them posting their visits to the University – Praise God! Even Jennie Allen offered a livestream repeat from Asbury of her visit earlier this week. Jennie is a bible teacher and found of the IF ministry, and author of many books and bible studies including, Find Your People, the one that we studied at our November 2022 Women’s Retreat.

It’s exciting to see revival happening, but even more encouraging to see it’s humble beginning coming from the younger generation. Don’t you agree? Pray for this revival to grow stronger and spread to more and more universities and churches. Pray for the Holy Spirit to to continue to sweep across the country, and boldly.

Pray for many hearts to soften and yield to the need for Jesus.