Inspired Sisters Annual Women’s Retreat 2023

Inspired Sisters Women's Ministry | Hamburg, PA

We’ve spent the last 7 years enjoying our weekend retreats at Camp Swatara. Though nothing is perfect, the accommodations were exactly what we needed. Each gathering was a blessing – full on, and in so many ways. Some years it felt a little too cozy, and other years it felt like the perfect size. The food wasn’t always noteworthy, but let’s remember that the most important things aren’t actually things, the important stuff is intangible: growing in our faith and making connections with each other.

Like everything around us, Camp Swatara isn’t exempt from inflation. You may have heard mumblings last year about a price hike being a concern, and it is. Camp Swatara’s price is about $275 per person this year, and that’s a significant increase considering last year was only $155.00 for the weekend.

But, God. When He closes one door He always opens another, and this time is no different. We’ve been praying and seeking His leading for our annual Women’s Retreat this year, and we think you will be as excited about it as we are!  Our Annual Women’s Retreat for 2023 will be held at Willow Pond Resort in Honesdale, PA, from Friday, November 3rd, through Sunday, November 5th.

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As with any change, there are good things and different things, but we’re hopeful that all will even out.

• The location of the resort is a little over 2 hours away in distance, but carpooling can be fun!

• Meals will not be prepared for us, but we promise that there will be LOTS of delicious homemade food and fresh SALAD!!!

• We will still all be together in one location, but there’s more availability for privacy and quiet time.

• No rock-climb hikes, but for the adventurers, it looks like there’s a waterfall hike a short drive away.

• We’ll miss the private bathrooms in every guest room, but the Willow Pond reviews promise that the beds are comfy!

Our Willow Pond Retreat weekend will be 3 days and 2 nights, with 5 home-cooked meals, time to relax and unwind, 5 acres of area to stretch out and explore, a cozy atmosphere to share and connect with each other, and most importantly (it’s why we do this!!), to get closer with God and renew and strengthen our faith. The cost for the weekend starts at $180 for Early Bird pricing, but here’s the Registration schedule:

$180.00 if paid by September 20, 2023

$190.00 if paid by October 1, 2023

$200.00 if paid after October 1, 2023

If you would like to attend but choose not to stay for the weekend, please reach out to us for pricing and availability.

It’s gonna be a new adventure. We’re excited about it and we would love to have you alongside for it, so register now! Sure, things will be different – we’ll miss the trail walks to the Cross, and the late-night games in the Main Room of the North Lodge. But, we’ll make new memories by having late-night games in a NEW place! And if you need some reminders of how good the retreats are for you, just check out these smiling faces from the past.

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And whether or not you were planning to visit the Zions Church Car Show this coming Sunday, September 10th, stop by our SheShack between 1:00pm and 6:00pm. We’ll be there with some light refreshments and cookies and fun stuff. You can ask questions, sign up, and even snag some free swag while you’re there!