Inspired Sisters Annual Women’s Retreat – Save the Date! Nov. 4-6, 2022

What goes on at this women’s retreat, and why should you be a part of it?  Because you will be glad you did! Come with us to laugh, cry, praise, get to know each other, spend time in the Word and discuss how it applies to our lives and circumstances, get outside and enjoy God’s creation, share meals together, pray, relax, worship, recharge, and renew!  Ask anyone who has been there before – most who attend the Retreat are return guests –  enjoying all that is found in weekend like this: with sisters-in-Christ, at a comfortable lodge, and with a relaxing atmosphere during a time of year when the beauty of creation is colorfully everywhere.  Our lovely hostesses want to do all they can to make it a weekend that will take your faith and sisterships♥ to a new level.

Register online here!

The weekend begins on Friday, November 4th at 6:00pm at the North Lodge in Camp Swatara in Bethel and continues through to Sunday afternoon, November 6th.  Prices are as follows: $155 (2 nights, 5 meals), $105 (1 night, 3 meals), $65 (day visit, 3 meals), $50 (day visit, 2 meals).  Visit the website to register online or download a registration form. The retreat center comfortably hosts 25-30, so be sure to register early. Payment isn’t necessary at the time of your registration (it’s due by October 24th), but only receipt of payment will secure your registration! Printed Registration Forms can also be found on the Zion’s Church Bulletin Board (just outside the sanctuary and near the library).

You can email for more questions, more information, or for technical issues with the online registration.

Hope to see you there!

♥ Marie

Roe V. Wade Overturned

On June 24th the United States Supreme Court voted in favor to overturn the federal right to an abortion. This doesn’t mean that abortion is now illegal in our country, but instead that each state will be able to decide for itself how to handle it. In some states, abortion has already become illegal as a result of this decision (those are known as trigger states). More changes may come to individual state abortion laws after the elections in November.

Since the opinion was leaked this past May, we’ve seen protests and gatherings both in favor of and vehemently against the overturning of Roe. We’ve also seen many memes and re-posts attempting to dissuade either side. This isn’t a football game where we simply choose one team over the other – lies are abundant, hearts are in pain, and lives have been lost. No doubt this topic can bring out the best and the worst in people.

But how can we heal our sisters and our country going forward? Some people say it’s politics while others ignore it as if it will go away quietly. The truth? It’s not a Republican or Democrat issue, it’s a moral issue. Abortion is not a right, and it’s not healthcare.

Just because someone is pro-life, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t been directly affected by abortion…

Some may think those in favor of Roe being overturned have never experienced the dilemma of abortion or any of the circumstances that might bring it about, so how can they understand? Well that’s not so. Generally, 1 out of every 4 women have had at least 1 abortion. We know the gut-wrenching that comes with making that choice. Once we believed that it was just a clump of cells, and after it’s done we can just move on and get back to our normal lives. Years later, if we were fortunate to be able to, we had families, some in spite of physical complications that arose because of past abortions. At one time in your life, you weren’t ready to be a mother, but now when you look at your children you realize that being pregnant is what makes you a mother, so you wonder what that aborted baby might have looked like and who they may have become. Some of us later find ourselves at church, with a fear of being “found out”, so we do our best to keep our secret a secret. Perhaps you were always part of a church, and maybe you don’t feel the struggle of a past of abortion and don’t see what all the fuss is about. Or, maybe your stance is that you might never choose abortion again but you’re certainly not going to take that right from another woman.

Where do you find yourself?

There’s a Facebook post being shared many times over known as “I Am Pro-Susan.” No doubt someone poured their heart into creating difficult and tragic circumstances that could sway a reader to rethink their position if they were pro-life and/or no exceptions.

However, God is the author of life, and Psalm 139:13-14 tells us:

“For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.”

God created it. He gives it to us, and it’s just not ours to take.

And if He gave it to us, wouldn’t it be fair to say that he has a purpose for it as well? Are we not only robbing God of His creation while robbing ourselves of the blessings of motherhood and grace?

What if instead of being “pro-Susan”, we look at pregnancy not as a bad situation that requires a remedy, but instead we see it as an opportunity to allow God to make beauty from ashes? What would it look like if we changed some of the outcomes? What if the ones like “Susan” not only knowingly chose abortion, but unknowingly chose a lifetime of shame and regret too, and we saw the sad remains of the destruction abortion leaves behind? What if? What if for some, their faith and trust in God resulted in an abundance of blessing instead of a burden of guilt and pain?

I am pro-Cecily, who later in life learned that she was actually a surviving twin of an aborted sibling after her mother chose to terminate the pregnancy unaware that she was pregnant with twins.

I am pro-Kathy, whose mother was raped at 11 years old but chose life instead of abortion. After overcoming many years of struggle and poverty, Kathy recently ran again for United States Senate in Pennsylvania. God had a purpose for her life, even if the way it came to be wasn’t what anyone would consider “ideal”.

I am pro-Mariah, who had multiple abortions. At 25 weeks pregnant with her first child, she was diagnosed with an “incompetent cervix” that causes pre-term labor.. For her next 3 pregnancies, a cerclage was required – a “purse string” around the cervix, placed by the end of the first trimester to keep the cervix closed to help carry the baby as close to full-term as possible.

I am pro-Penny, who chose to have an abortion before it was legal, but carried the guilt and shame of it for over 50 years of her life. Though she now lives in forgiveness and is healed, she looks at the her latest family photo with her children and grandchildren and realizes that she is missing an entire branch of family because of that abortion.

I am pro-Cindy, who after multiple “reproductive health” options, finds that she will never be able to have children later in life.

I am pro-Diane, who chose abortion while in college because she thought it would ruin her chances of finishing school. Later in life, she regrets her abortion and realizes that that baby wasn’t a burden on her life but instead a beautiful gift. She is thankful to have found redemption in Christ.

I am pro-Jenny, who over 30 years ago survived an abortion of saline injections, and now travels the world to speak out against it.

I am pro-Sandy, who thought she was too young to be a mom at 16, but in years later as a mom to her daughter and son, she wonders what her aborted child might look like and in what ways would they have been like their siblings.

I am pro-Jessica, whose heart is broken every time she hears women shouting ‘abortion without demand’ while her and her husband struggle with infertility.

I am pro-Gabby, who made the decision to stay pure in her relationship to her boyfriend, honoring their faith in God and commitment by abstaining from sex until they marry.

I am pro-Melissa, who found herself pregnant and alone at 17 but decided to continue the pregnancy and give the baby up for adoption, so it could have a better chance at life than she thought she could offer it. Perhaps one day, she will get to be face to face with that child, and all they will see is love.

But for the grace of God, every one our stories could be different. In Christ, we are not condemned. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, and there isn’t anyplace that too hard for Jesus. There is only compassion, love, and healing.

If you’re looking for direction, healing, help, or just a shoulder, I would be blessed to share your burden and be there for you.

What’s In the Works For Inspired Sisters?

The connections that we make during the retreat are very important. When we are able to bond with other women, we feel a sense of “belonging” to that group or place where we normally gather. We can know God and make the choice to attend church regularly to grow in our faith, but when we find our “family” there, it can also change our perspective because we belong. And that helps us grow closer in our relationship to Christ as we are able to find commonalities and share our burdens with, and to find strength and connection in our sisters-in-Christ.

What can Inspired Sisters do to help facilitate that in the coming months?

Spring Retreat (most likely in April 2022). Certainly don’t want to ruin a good thing, but maybe just get more of it! Camp Swatara has availability in April of 2022. Prices would be the same as the November weekend.

Monthly Ladies Breakfast: We can meet at a different place each time or the same place on a monthly basis. And if someone wants to host in their home, that’s an option too! We can do a Saturday morning breakfast gathering, or maybe even a Sunday brunch would work better? Let me know what you think!

Marriage Study: “Becoming Mrs. Betterhalf” in January (women only!). You might have heard about this study…it was run as an online Facebook group study by Holly Furtick (wife of Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church) last year. I was able to participate, and I thought it was a really strong and challenging study. It’s not your usual open-the-book-and-share-your-thoughts study. While there is a video session for each, women are encouraged to memorize scripture and share requests and questions with their spouses as homework. During each meeting, women study the Word and process our husbands’ responses. It’s an interactive study that will challenge you to learn how to be “Mrs. Betterhalf” through God’s Word and your husbands’ feedback.

Please take a moment to reply to this email or comment on Facebook for what you would like to participate in. And if there’s nothing listed that works for you, please feel free to suggest something else! <3

P.S. – If you think other ladies would benefit from a study or activity that you also feel you would participate in, remember that YOU are welcome to suggest it and lead it too! I will be glad to support you with encouragement and resources!

2021 Women’s Retreat Re-Cap

Every year has it’s memories and things that made it special, and this year is no different – just take a look at some of the shenanigans below!

You might have thought Women’s Retreats were stuffy and boring, but you’ve never been to one like this. From laughing together until our bellies hurt, to laying hands on a sister with a burden and asking Jesus for healing and breakthrough over her, this retreat is really one of a kind.

This year we opted to view four powerful sermons instead of a session-oriented bible study. Busy moms have sports and other responsibilities, so we thought it would be helpful to make the sessions independent of each other to make it easy for those arriving late or needing to leave early.

After introductions and a one-unique-thing icebreaker, we watched a sermon by Tim Ross, formerly of Gateway Church, from the 2015 Pink Impact conference. It was the perfect sermon to kick-off a weekend – Tim is engaging and quite funny. Check out this clip for yourself…

Anytime you don’t have to cook and clean for yourself is a bonus! And sometimes it even seemed like we just finished eating and it was time for our next meal!

Our next inspiration came from Pastor Shannon Nieman from Abundant Faith Center church in Texas. Her entire sermon on the Proverbs 31 woman went verse by verse and creatively contrasted each between the English Standard Version and the Passion Translation. It’s hard to imagine that any of us can measure up to the standard of the Proverbs 31 woman, but we learned to look at her knowing that we are all equipped to be her already. And how good is our God that he gives us a guideline to work with!

We introduced a new song and style to our worship in “Promises” by Maverick City before taking in a sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts called “Get Up Girl” – she is a powerhouse! And if you liked “Promises”, check out “Man Of Your Word” and “I Shall Not Want.” Other worshipped songs we were blessed by were “Highlands (Song of Ascent)” by Hillsong, “Goodness of God” by Bethel Music, and “Make Room” by Community Church.

We closed out the weekend with Louie Giglios’ sermon titled, “Don’t Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table.” And God is so good that even in four independent sermons, he could speak continuity and give each of us what we needed to find in the teachings.

Another big hit this year was the ‘craft’ – and not only because it was fun to do, but because each guest was able to make the craft their own. There were three pre-designed images, yet every shirt created is a variation all it’s own.

Special thanks to the Inspired Sisters team (Amy and Kaitlin), and to Jess who graciously provided her Cricut machine and heat-press for the shirts. (Can anyone say, “guess what’s going on MY christmas list!).

Welcome, Inspired Sister!

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds” – Hebrews 10:24

Since surrendering my life to Jesus, He’s blessed me with numerous opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and be purposeful in Him and for Him.  So in what’s been done for me, I am inspired to do the same for other women and with other women.

I’m glad you’re here!

Inspired Sisters is a ministry of women who strive to be what we are called to be in Jesus, while spurring our sisters on to do the same.  I believe that as we are saved in Christ, we are also called to be more than what we can be alone.  A cord of three is hard to break – we want to be a community of women who pour inward and outward to empower their sisters…a community of women who inspire each other.

During various times throughout the year, this ministry puts together events and activities like some of the ones listed below. If you are interested in any of these, please reach out to us and we’ll let you know if it’s currently happening, in the works, or upcoming in the calendar ahead.

~ BE HEALED ~ “Surrendering the Secret” post-abortion healing and restoration bible study

Many women hide the facts of their abortions and suffer the consequences of their guilt and shame in isolation. Without question, it can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a woman’s life.  Research indicates that more than 40% of child-bearing age women carry this incredible burden while wearing a smile.  Is that you? Have you been carrying that burden too? Even after being forgiven by Jesus, it was a struggle to forgive myself. Yet, He graciously led me to the place of healing I needed. Come to that place and share your burden with someone who has journeyed through the same and found healing on the other side. 

SURRENDERING THE SECRET is an 8-week bible study to heal hurting women and the heartbreak of abortion through honest and interactive bible study, meaningful group experiences, and unique journaling exercises in a confidential, caring community.  If you would like more information, you may contact Marie Perry at 610-587-2136 or Katie Bailey at 484-794-3533, in confidence.  

~ BE EMPOWERED ~ through learning and studying God’s Word

Growth in faith comes from many different environments. While spending time alone with God in His Word is important, within a group or relationally is just as important and vital. Group Bible studies provide the opportunities to celebrate life’s victories with others, get needed prayer support, offer encouragement in tough times, and help keep ourselves accountable in our personal growth. They also aid in defining a structured time to focus on topics that address our needs or interests.

~ BE AWAKENED ~ inspirational gatherings, conferences, and retreats for women

What better way to grow in our faith than with leading from women gifted with speaking and worship to teach and inspire us in the Word of God and our purpose in Him!?  Over the years, we’ve been blessed as women are stirred and inspired through simulcasted and hosted events such as…

• Women’s conferences with gifted speakers and worship: simulcasted or pre-recorded.

• Gatherings of prayerful women calling out to God in prayer, together, to move in our neighborhoods and nation.

• Weekend Women’s Retreat (we promise you’ll be blessed through the bonding and the laughter!).

Worship Nights featuring live performances or videos.

~ BE ACTIVE ~ lifegroups that get together on a regular basis for fellowship and activity

The Bible says that our bodies are the “temple of the Holy Spirit“.  Along that line, we believe keeping our bodies moving is part of God’s plan for us.  It’s tough to implement that at times, but we found that there’s just something about walking and talking that helps us process life, process what God has been speaking to us, or working out solutions to life’s dilemmas…and even more so when that walk is shared by sisters in Christ. There’s so much encouragement, accountability, revelation and enjoyment in making active times also be social times, so it’s our hope that  we can Be Active, having a meaningful time of spiritual growth as we give our bodies a dose of activity.

We mostly meet the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at 9:00am. There’s never a need to RSVP – just put on some active gear and head over.  Each session begins and ends with a group prayer.  The courses are structured so that everyone can go at a pace that is comfortable – 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. God will always provide a friend for whatever speed you need – walking, running, biking, etc., so join us no matter what ability level you are at.  Babies in strollers are fine company, but we prefer to limit the group to adult women only (out of high school) to foster an atmosphere that is confidential, where women can feel comfortable sharing struggles and getting advice from the others within the group. And conversations should be Godly, honoring, and full of encouragement and wisdom, without gossip.

If there is further interest, we may add new activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding, or a hike up to a local lookout point.  You may contact Marie Perry a 610-587-2136 and for any questions via email or text.

~ BE SOCIAL ~ workshops and get-togethers that encourage sharing and learning

Ever wanted to try glass fusing or sewing a canvas tote?  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to prepare and jar fresh salsa, or perhaps making bread from scratch is more your style. We’ve done these things and more, and we’re always looking for more shared talent and skills.  There’s so many things we can learn or teach together –  either for ourselves and as outreach – and we are all blessed by it in many different ways. What are you good at?  We’d love to learn about it.

And when we’re not offering a workshop of sorts, we make the most of the time together with an opportunity to get to know each other better by joining up to participate in common interests or trying something new – things like bowling and learning how to properly handle firearms.  And we even have a game night to welcome significant others and kids too!

~BE LOVE ~ need-based service groups

Serving through missions is a life-changing endeavor. However, the opportunity to serve outside of our communities (and our homes) from afar doesn’t always present itself for everyone – jobs, kids, appointments… it may be something on your heart but maybe just doesn’t seem possible at this stage in your family life.  But the ability to serve, as Jesus instructs, doesn’t only need to happen in another state or a half a world away. Think of your neighbor… does she need help with her kids or a prepared meal? How about an elderly friend… could she use some groceries, a warm fleece blanket, or a ride to the doctor? Or a widow… maybe she could use a hand with her yard work. Maybe you can make something for someone you don’t even know, like wheelchair bags for the disabled.  Realize that there is indeed a mission field right in front of you! Let us know that you want to Be Love to others, or that you have someone in mind who needs to Be Loved by emailing


Would you like to be involved or have some feedback for us?   How about an idea or a new group that you would like to offer participation in or organization for?  Reach out and inspire us at

Au revoir, 2020?

Are you glad to see 2020 come to an end? I’ve heard lots of people say that and I can certainly agree to some extent. Prayers and condolences to any of you who regretfully lost family members or struggled with the sickness or harsh circumstances. Hoping that comfort was found in our Lord. In all circumstances we are to rejoice and give thanks, even when that goes against everything in us. Hopefully though, we can shift our focus and find some beauty in the ash. I hope you can.

So what might the future hold for us in Women’s Ministry in 2021? Well, while there’s still lots of guidelines and regulations to sort through regarding planned gatherings and events, I would like you to be aware of the following upcoming events and activities anyway and we’ll continue to sort the details out as the dates get closer.

According to a study by LifeWay published in November of 2015, “Over 40 percent of women who have had an abortion say they were frequent churchgoers at the time they ended their pregnancies and about a half of them say they kept their abortions hidden from church members.” As Christian women, we may know that Jesus can forgive us, but even knowing Jesus we can still carry the burden of guilt and shame ourselves. Perhaps you are all too familiar with this struggle….I once was. I asked Christ into my heart, yet I was unaware of how to get past the pain and anguish of a messy past. I knew that Jesus loved me, and that God took my sins and put them as far away from himself as the East is from the West, but deep down inside I was at unrest over what I’d done. Yet, how loving our Father is, that through sisters-in-Christ He was able to show me love to help release me from that burden and move into healing. Is this a struggle for you as well? Would you seek the opportunity to let another sister help you through it too? Towards the end of January, a post-abortive healing bible study, “Surrendering The Secret”, will be offered in confidence. If you’re unfamiliar with this study but feel as though God is speaking to you, I’d encourage you to view this trailer: Reach out in confidence to myself, Marie Perry at, or to Katie Bailey at

Depending upon how things go, there’s a possibility that we can gather for a bowling night at Berks Lanes. Ironically enough, this was the last group activity our women had together just before Covid restrictions were first put in place! More details will follow, but if you are interested, drop us an email.

I’m hopeful to begin a marriage bible study sometime in March. I was looking forward to leading “Becoming Mrs. Betterhalf” by Holly Furtick, but as it turns out the video portion of the study may not be available. I will be praying as to whether the material (workbook) of the study will suffice without the video. The study is for women only to attend, but there will be homework to help engage our husbands in our study. If the Lord brings any other marriage studies to your mind, please share!

While some things are slowly resembling pre-covid times, we still have a ways to go. And with all the unrest in our country, one of the resolves I can settle into is the hope that God is working. Over the past few months, I’ve been encouraged during a series of live videos of intercessory prayers for our nation. If you feel as though you would like to participate with me, or perhaps feel led to be a part of a “zoom” prayer group for intercessory prayer, I’d be blessed to chat about it with you. Feel free to reach out to me.


Marie ♥

Hey there, Sister! How are you?

It feels like forever since we have been together. Hopefully you’ve been able to return to some kind of normal, whatever that looks like for you. I’m thankful to have seen some of you in church or even through updates in Facebook. I’m looking forward to the time when we can gather again.

So what have you been up to? Though likely in smaller than usual groups, hopefully you’ve been able to get together with a few sisters for a bible study or two, or maybe vacationed with family over this summer. If you’ve been an essential worker, I’m sure things have been even more stressful and crazy for you, so thank you for your time and energy, and as you blessed those around you!

As we approach the fall season and continue on a path towards getting back into the swing of things, I’d like to get your feedback. Perhaps as there are many women who are leery about spending time in groups as there are those longing for fellowship. There is no pressure: if you’re comfortable getting together that’s great, and if you’re not then that’s fine too. Please allow the Lord to direct you to what He wants for you.

Annual Women’s Retreat at Camp Swatara

Providing there aren’t any changes to our current state status regarding Covid, Camp Swatara is happy to welcome us again for our annual retreat. At this time it’s possible that some things may look slightly different, like meals for instance, but regarding our gathering as a group within the lodge I imagine it would be as in the past.

I’ve not yet secured the lodge for this event as I was unsure about the interest with the current climate and events going on, but the dates are still available for us. If you were planning to or looking forward to attending this event, please email me back or comment on our Facebook page or even just text me at 610-587-2136 to let me know. The minimum number of guests we can have in lodge is 10, so I need at least 9 ladies to commit before I can secure the location and plan the event. I would love to have this event – it’s a highlight on my calendar every year since we started.

If you think it would be fun but this if the first time you’re thinking about it, check out some pictures of our Women’s Retreat event from last year, as well as all of our other past events and activities.


I’d be glad to hear your thoughts, or if you have ideas about any other kind of get-together that you might be interested in. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Nationwide Call To Prayer….

Please take the time to check out this link below and join other Christians as we pray together, all together, for our nation and all that is happening right now. Here’s an excerpt from the website with details….

While many across the nation may not be able to gather in large groups this year to pray, God still hears and honors our prayers. Join us online Thursday, May 7, from 8-10 p.m. ET as Will Graham co-hosts the National Day of Prayer, live from the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Featuring special guests Kathy Branzell, Nick Hall, Michael W. Smith, Robert Morris, Rick Warren, Harry Jackson, Luis Palau, Andrew Palau, Kanita Benson, Billy Wilson, Gabrielle Odom and Greg Stier.

“The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” —James 5:16

Download National Day of Prayer Biblical Resources (PDF)

The link below will take you to the site where you can watch the livestream tomorrow evening from 8-10pm. You can also join us on the Inspired Sisters facebook page to see the live stream as well.

Greetings and blessings, Inspired Sisters!

If you are in a medical or necessary field that requires you to be working at this time, let me first extend a “thank you” for your tireless and loving heart, and in all you are doing for your fellow sisters and brothers. It is greatly appreciated and isn’t going by unnoticed. If you know of something that can be done in aid – sewing face masks, or another item to have that would be of great help, please reach out and give the opportunity to be of some kind of service.

In conjunction with our church and state and government, all of our events or activities are on hold as you probably have already guessed. Pray for those making these tough decisions, and for those who must continue on in any necessary areas.

So how is it going for you?

For those who harbor a good amount of introversion, the time spent at home this past few weeks probably feels like a blessing, but to others? Maybe not so much. It’s hard to wrap our heads around what is going on, isn’t it? It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen, and many of us might be struggling with the current circumstance or welcoming the slow pace. Yet as Christian women, we have a been given so many gifts, and so many opportunities now to lean in on Him to find our strength and resolve, waking each day with both the intention to make the most of the time that He has given us and time allowable for rest and reflection and praise.

So what kinds of things do you do to occupy your down time lately? Anything new? How about a devotional that you’ve found to be a really good read during this time, whether a physical book or online? Share it with us! I’ve just started Lisa Bevere’s “Strong” online devotional this morning. It’s amazing how God always goes before us, unfailingly, to prepare for us the very things we will need when a circumstance arises, and this devotional is no exception to that. If it sounds like something of interest to you, here’s the link to register. The messages are short – just over 15 minutes each day, and they do not require that you purchase the book to follow along.

Another resource I’ve come across is from Group Ministry. It’s filled with links for short devotionals to do with kids of all different ages, and coloring pages for kids and adults:

Though social media gets a much-deserved bad rap at times, it truly has been a great way to connect with others lately, and isn’t Zoom great too? If you’re not already, why not start a bible study with a few friends and meet weekly over Zoom or another real-time internet viewer? Text and invite me at 610-587-2136 and I’ll be your first participant!

How about some Random Acts of Kindness bingo? Visit our facebook page and upload your completed bingo pdf! And also in the next few days, you’ll find a daily posting of “isolation questions” to help spark some interactions and conversations… I miss everyone!

So keep on praying for healing and health for our families, our friends, our leaders, our country, and our world. Praise God for these times when we can find new ways to re-connect and get closer to Him.


Coronavirus: Encouragement and Inspired Sisters Event & Activity Updates

What a time we are living in right now… it’s unprecedented. The virus, the overload of information and statistics, and the toilet paper!

In the uncertainty of all the changes to our daily lives and the world itself because of the virus, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and worried. Are you concerned? As Christians, we know that fear has no place in our hearts, but let me share something encouraging that I was reminded of …

Jesus Calms a Storm

On that day, when evening had come, he said to them, “Let us go across to the other side.” And leaving the crowd, they took him with them in the boat, just as he was. And other boats were with him. And a great windstorm arose, and the waves were breaking into the boat, so that the boat was already filling. But he was in the stern, asleep on the cushion. And they woke him and said to him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. He said to them, “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?” And they were filled with great fear and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” -Mark 8:35-41, ESV

In this crazy time, we are in the boat, and Jesus is with us.  And while we are awake and agitated, He is sleeping and restful.  And when we wake Him with our concerns, He reminds us, “Peace! Be Still!   How blessed and thankful we can be for our Savior… a Savior that we can rest in amidst the storms swirling around us. Thank you, lovely Jesus! 

That said, Inspired Sisters will be cancelling and postponing most activities and events.  Please take a moment to view the list and update your calendar.

• POSTPONED: March 19 – Thursday • Bible Study: Surrendering the Secret, Healing the Heartbreak of Abortion

You may email for more information.

• STILL HAPPENING: March 21 – Saturday • Be Active! Morning Hike to Pulpit Rock

Let’s go outside!  This activity is still on.  Text Marie Perry at 610-587-2136 or comment on the Facebook event page to let us know that you’ll be coming. 

• CANCELLED: April 07 – Tuesday • Inspired Sisters Quarterly General Meeting

Meeting agenda will be posted here.  If you have any ideas or thoughts or concerns to share, I encourage you to send them via email to  Once things get back to normal, our meeting date and agenda will reflect all the feedback we’ve received.

• STILL HAPPENING: April 11 – Saturday • Be Active! Morning Hike to Pulpit Rock

Since it’s outside, this activity is also still on.  Text Marie Perry at 610-587-2136 or comment on the Facebook event page to let us know that you’ll be coming. 

• CANCELLED: April 18 – Saturday • Pink Impact Simulcast Conference Event 

Gateway Church / Pink Impact has postponed the event with no reschedule date at this time. It’s possible that our event, scheduled for April 18th, would be a welcomed break from the social distancing, but with Zion’s closing, it may be best to follow suit as well and reschedule.

Hope you are able to make the best of whatever your situation is. And if you need prayer, a few items from the grocery store, or would just like some encouragement, I hope you will reach out to me – I’d be blessed to help you out.

Marie ♥