Inspired Sisters: Upcoming Event – Life’s Choices Annual Fundraising Banquet 2022

If God has placed a burden on your heart for women and the pro-life movement, please consider attending the Life’s Choices Annual Fundraising Banquet 2022, The Missing Piece: Filling In Gaps In A Post-Roe Culture, with guest speaker Pam Whitehead.  Pam is the Executive Director of ProLove Ministries, founded by Abby Johnson. Pam has a desire to see women collide with their destiny and calls herself a “hope dealer.”  After years of abandonment, abuse, and addiction, Pam found herself facing a crisis pregnancy with only one option: abortion… 

Surrendering the Secret: An Abortion Healing Bible Study

According to a study by LifeWay published in November of 2015, “Over 40% of women who have had an abortion say they were frequent churchgoers at the time they ended their pregnancies and about a half of them say they kept their abortions hidden from church members.” Research also indicates that more than 40% of child-bearing age women have experienced the pain of abortion – that’s 2 out of 5 women. 

Without question, abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life. 

I never realized how much unresolved guilt and anger and shame I had buried down in my soul because of my past. Even after Jesus found me in my brokenness, I was still unaware of how to resolve the pain and anguish that took up residence in my soul.

Bible Study – Well Versed: Biblical Answers To Today’s Tough Issues

Bible Study (Open to women and their spouses) – Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Issues.  “Everyone knows the Bible speaks to our personal lives, our family life, our church life.  But what about the government?  What about our nation?  Does the Bible speak to those topics?  Government is found in four forms: Personal READ MORE

Inspired Sisters Annual Women’s Retreat – Nov. 4-6, 2022

What goes on at this women’s retreat, and why should you be a part of it? Because you will be glad you did! Come with us to laugh, cry, praise, get to know each other, spend time in the Word and discuss how it applies to our lives and circumstances, get outside and enjoy God’s creation, share meals together, pray, relax, worship, recharge, and renew!

What’s In the Works For Inspired Sisters?

The connections that we make during the retreat are very important. When we are able to bond with other women, we feel a sense of “belonging” to that group or place where we normally gather. We can know God and make the choice to attend church regularly to grow in our faith, but when we READ MORE

2021 Women’s Retreat Re-Cap

Every year has it’s memories and things that made it special, and this year is no different – just take a look at some of the shenanigans below! You might have thought Women’s Retreats were stuffy and boring, but you’ve never been to one like this. From laughing together until our bellies hurt, to laying READ MORE