Decorated Christmas Cookie & Cookie Swap

Inspired Sisters Activity: Decorated Christmas Cookie & Cookie Swap, Friday, December 8th at 6:30pm at The Journey Cafe in Hamburg, PA. This event is open to all women and children at the cost of $5.00 per person. Please also consider being a blessing by bringing an item to donate to Life’s Choices such as diapers or other baby needs, or a gift card to Aldi’s grocery store.

RECAP: Decorated Christmas Cookie & Cookie Swap

Our best attended cookie event ever so far – 42 beautiful faces (that’s eighty-two hands!) showed up ready to decorate some cut-outs. Thanks to everyone who attended. We hope you enjoyed your freshly decorated cookies, and that you received lots of “ooh’s and aaahh’s” when you showed off your finished cookie-decorating skills. And if you READ MORE