02/–/22: Zions Church Ski & Snowboard Trip to Blue Mountain!

Tired of the snow? Bite your tongue!

Let’s have some fun with it and go skiing! This is open to women, men, and children!

We’re planning the trip, but we’re deciding on three days:

• Sunday, February 20

• Tuesday, Feb 22

• Monday Feb 28

Trip will be at Blue Mountain. Lift tickets will just under $70.00 for an 8-hr lift ticket, regardless of weekday or weekend, if we get at least 20 people in a group.

Please reply to this email, text Marie, or visit the Zion’s Church facebook page and leave a comment.

** Note: For those who’ve never tried it before, you are more than welcome but are strongly encouraged to take a lesson or two, which means that you will be assigned to a separate area of the slopes until you are comfortable to join up with the others.

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