Women’s Retreat 2023: Weekend Schedule

Our goal in planning an annual retreat is to give you the chance to slow down and enjoy a weekend without anything but time for yourself, allowing and encouraging growth in our relationships with Jesus and with each other. We put a schedule together to help facilitate those things, but again, this is your weekend, so we want you to enjoy it to the fullest. Should you choose to skip any of the sessions or meals, there’s no judgement – participate in whatever works for you.

If you’re looking forward to a schedule, then that’s great too! This is a tentative schedule so we hope you are flexible as well. Even during the mealtimes this year, with our hostesses preparing all the food, we want to do all we can to allow conversation and connections above all else. Our retreat location is situated on 5 acres with a pond and gazebo, so we hope to also be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings outside that God has created for us to enjoy.


3:00 pm • Doors Open: However, the official start time begins at 6:00pm. Due to the distance of this location, we are happy to receive guests earlier than 6:00pm, but we hope that for those who will arrive before 6:00 will bring their “servant hands” to help us as we prepare for the remaining guests. There will be ample parking on the grass, then come on in through the front entrance of the Main House (there’ll be a sign to direct you). Once there, we’ll greet you and give you your “Retreat Map” so you can find your room and your way around, and then give you time to get yourself situated. At 6:00pm, come visit us in the kitchen for some chit-chat and Charcuterie boards!
7:00 pm • Getting Acquainted: Join us in the Main Area for a little time to get to know each other.
8:00 pm • Worship & Session 1: We’ll worship to a song or two, then enter into our first bible study session video and discussion.
9:00 pm • Connect & Relax: Games, polish your nails, chit-chat, or hit the kitchen for snacks.


8:00 am • Breakfast begins: Egg casseroles, pancake bar, yogurt bar, baked oatmeal, juices, coffee, tea.
9:30 am • Worship & Session 2 & 3: Let’s praise our God with a worship song and join everyone for a double bible study session.
11:30 am • Group Photo!!!

12:00 pm • Lunch: Soup and salad and chicken salad, oh my!
1:30 pm • Connect & Relax: Open time: take a walk or a nap… make your shirt or work on another craft.. if the weather is nice, enjoy a paddle boat ride with a friend on the lake…start a campfire…whatever else you’d like to do during this time.
5:30 pm • Dinner: Buenos Tardes, muchachas! It’s time for all things Mexican to get in your belly!
7:30 pm • Worship & Session 4: Video worship and Session 4. We are hopeful that this session will continue with group prayer and encouragement.
9:00 pm • Connect & Relax: Play games…turn-in early…hit the kitchen for snacks…chit-chat…paint your nails…make a shirt – whatever you want to do.


8:30 am • Breakfast: More egg casserole, pancake bar, yogurt bar, baked oatmeal, juices, coffee, tea.
10:00 am • Worship & Session 5: Our final session.
12:00 pm • Lunch: Did someone say ‘lunchovers’?

1:00 pm • Mingle / Pack / Depart
1:30 pm • Thanks for coming! And that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to fill-out and return your weekend survey!

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