Greetings and blessings, Inspired Sisters!

If you are in a medical or necessary field that requires you to be working at this time, let me first extend a “thank you” for your tireless and loving heart, and in all you are doing for your fellow sisters and brothers. It is greatly appreciated and isn’t going by unnoticed. If you know of something that can be done in aid – sewing face masks, or another item to have that would be of great help, please reach out and give the opportunity to be of some kind of service.

In conjunction with our church and state and government, all of our events or activities are on hold as you probably have already guessed. Pray for those making these tough decisions, and for those who must continue on in any necessary areas.

So how is it going for you?

For those who harbor a good amount of introversion, the time spent at home this past few weeks probably feels like a blessing, but to others? Maybe not so much. It’s hard to wrap our heads around what is going on, isn’t it? It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen, and many of us might be struggling with the current circumstance or welcoming the slow pace. Yet as Christian women, we have a been given so many gifts, and so many opportunities now to lean in on Him to find our strength and resolve, waking each day with both the intention to make the most of the time that He has given us and time allowable for rest and reflection and praise.

So what kinds of things do you do to occupy your down time lately? Anything new? How about a devotional that you’ve found to be a really good read during this time, whether a physical book or online? Share it with us! I’ve just started Lisa Bevere’s “Strong” online devotional this morning. It’s amazing how God always goes before us, unfailingly, to prepare for us the very things we will need when a circumstance arises, and this devotional is no exception to that. If it sounds like something of interest to you, here’s the link to register. The messages are short – just over 15 minutes each day, and they do not require that you purchase the book to follow along.

Another resource I’ve come across is from Group Ministry. It’s filled with links for short devotionals to do with kids of all different ages, and coloring pages for kids and adults:

Though social media gets a much-deserved bad rap at times, it truly has been a great way to connect with others lately, and isn’t Zoom great too? If you’re not already, why not start a bible study with a few friends and meet weekly over Zoom or another real-time internet viewer? Text and invite me at 610-587-2136 and I’ll be your first participant!

How about some Random Acts of Kindness bingo? Visit our facebook page and upload your completed bingo pdf! And also in the next few days, you’ll find a daily posting of “isolation questions” to help spark some interactions and conversations… I miss everyone!

So keep on praying for healing and health for our families, our friends, our leaders, our country, and our world. Praise God for these times when we can find new ways to re-connect and get closer to Him.


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