Hey there, Sister! How are you?

2016-11 Inspired Sisters Women's Ministry of Zions Church Annual Women's Retreat Weekend

It feels like forever since we have been together. Hopefully you’ve been able to return to some kind of normal, whatever that looks like for you. I’m thankful to have seen some of you in church or even through updates in Facebook. I’m looking forward to the time when we can gather again.

So what have you been up to? Though likely in smaller than usual groups, hopefully you’ve been able to get together with a few sisters for a bible study or two, or maybe vacationed with family over this summer. If you’ve been an essential worker, I’m sure things have been even more stressful and crazy for you, so thank you for your time and energy, and as you blessed those around you!

As we approach the fall season and continue on a path towards getting back into the swing of things, I’d like to get your feedback. Perhaps as there are many women who are leery about spending time in groups as there are those longing for fellowship. There is no pressure: if you’re comfortable getting together that’s great, and if you’re not then that’s fine too. Please allow the Lord to direct you to what He wants for you.

Annual Women’s Retreat at Camp Swatara

Providing there aren’t any changes to our current state status regarding Covid, Camp Swatara is happy to welcome us again for our annual retreat. At this time it’s possible that some things may look slightly different, like meals for instance, but regarding our gathering as a group within the lodge I imagine it would be as in the past.

I’ve not yet secured the lodge for this event as I was unsure about the interest with the current climate and events going on, but the dates are still available for us. If you were planning to or looking forward to attending this event, please email me back or comment on our Facebook page or even just text me at 610-587-2136 to let me know. The minimum number of guests we can have in lodge is 10, so I need at least 9 ladies to commit before I can secure the location and plan the event. I would love to have this event – it’s a highlight on my calendar every year since we started.

If you think it would be fun but this if the first time you’re thinking about it, check out some pictures of our Women’s Retreat event from last year, as well as all of our other past events and activities.


I’d be glad to hear your thoughts, or if you have ideas about any other kind of get-together that you might be interested in. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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